Waist Training 101/FAQ

Waist Training 101/ Frequently Asked Questions 

We want for your overall experience with us as easy and rewarding as possible. Here goes an overview of what waist training and is and also answers to ALOT of the questions we are asked daily 

What is waist training? 

Waist training is the process of slimming and/or reshaping your waist by wearing waist trainers for a desired amount of hours a day (3 -10) for an extended period of time until the results you desire are achieved. They can be worn during exercise or while going about your regular daily task. They come in latex and non latex forms, sport (workout intended use), classic(non workout intended use) and powernet (non latex items (both for regular wear and workouts) 

How do they work? 

These garments use thermogenics(increasing heat through metabolic stimulation) by way of compression. Slowly over time when using the garment, your body will mold into a slimmer and more figure flattering shape.Waist trainers must be paired with the following to ensure results:

 -drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day

 -making healthier meal choices 

-at the least 30 mins a cardio 4 times a week 

-wearing the garment anywhere from 3 to 10 hours a day, 5 days a week 

By following these 4 rules clients have seen a reduction of up to 4-5 permanent inches lost around their waist lines in 30 days. To maintain this lost in inches it is advised to either continue training to keep losing inches or completing 3 of the 4 rules mentioned above.  

Which one is better for me/produce better results? 

For women whom know that they will workout and want the ability to wear the garment during regular daily routines and well as in the gym please purchase a sport garment .

For women whom know they do not have the time to workout and still wish to waist train, please purchase a classic garment,HOWEVER workout out in ANY CLASSIC GARMENT is not advised as you may ruin the garment.

If you are a shorter woman (5'4 or less) a 2row garment will suit you better

If you are above 5'5 look into a 3row garment. 

Are you heavy set? Top heavy? Look into a vest of a bodysuit as these may be better fitting items for you. 

How fast can I see results? 

As mentioned above the result come based on the user. If you are doing the correct things while also being a consistent wearer, you will produce results as early as 2 weeks! 

How do I put the garment on?

Please ensure that the tag is at the top. Stretch the garment outward to towards your side and then wrap the garment forward catching the top latch. Then continue to buckle the item top down (unless its a body suit).

My garment feels tight and it's a little uncomfortable. Why am I having issues?

With compression garments, they are meant to feel slightly tight as they are meant to compress some of your body to help start to mold it into the shape you desire. The garment will seem a little small at first, however once you wear the garment for a length of time the garment will expand a bit giving you a more relaxed yet firm hold. 

My garment is rolling! How do I fix my waist trainer?

The garment shifting and rolling can be a number of reasons:

1. The item is infact too small or too big. 

2. The garment you picked is not best for your shape. Ladies that are curvy need garments to accommodate these curves not hinder them. We normally suggest vest for more heavy set/top heavy or fuller women as these have straps and provide alot more support overall. If you have large breat then you also should not only get a vest but ensure that you are wearing the correct bra and if your breast are not properly supported, they will bare weight on the trainer which will lead to it rolling downward or an uncomfortable feeling all around.

3. You are very hippy, therefore pull the weight upward into the garment and find a way to ensure that your lower half isn't effecting the item. A trick is to put the garment on, then underwear or pant over it to help hold it down a bit. You can also look more into a body suit as these garment mold to your shape more than a trainer would due to lack of rigid structure.

Will this product work for my lower tummy area as well?

Yes. If you have a longer torso or a hanging stomach please invest in a 3 row item as these items reach longer than the 2 row items which are designed for regular and short torsos. You can also purchase a buttlifter which contains a latex panel that will target that stubborn lower tummy area. For loose skin we suggest pairing these garment with a slimming enhancer of choice.

Also invest in better underwear as your body form is due to the choices of garment and the way they fit you. 

How do I care for the garment?

Please ONLY HAND WASH AND HANG DRY as any other method will ruin the garment.

Please wash the item at the least 3 times a week. Increase this amount if you are working out in the garment heavy.

Can I sleep in the garment?

We do not advise you to sleep in any compression garment as we are not aware of your underlying health conditions. Consult a doctor before doing so.

Do these items effect your organs?

No. These garment are safe to wear once properly sized. Anything done inb extreme excess will effect your body. Please only wear for up to 10 hours a day 5 days a week.

How do I size myself for a garment?

Please weigh yourself as well as know what your waistline is in inches. (not pant size, bra size, shirt size) Find the amount of inches your waist is on the size chart and locate the size suggested. Please bare in mind this a general size chart and your body may be a bit different. Therefore we provide exchanges and you can follow or exchange policy here:Exchange Policy

What brands do you carry and can I pick the color I want?

We offer top 100% Colombian brands such as: 

Ann Chery

Ann Michell


Verox Slim


Maria E Faja

We do not honor brand specific request as these are well trusted brands and sizes many not be available in a certain brand however these brand all have amazing quality standards that our customer love. We also do not honor color request because we believe that getting you the product as soon as possible is the key to your weight-loss journey and a color shouldn't impact that.

Do you provide wholesale?

Yes. Please refer to this link:Wholesale

Where are you located?

Houston, Texas

We provide in person consultations and you can see and feel the garments up front and personal by heading to this link:In Person Consultations

Do you have before and after results?

Yes. Our clients provide a lot of feedback via social media

Why are your items cheaper? Are these fakes?

We have hand selected the vendors that we wish to work with. Due to the amazing amounts we order we are able to provide you (the customer) the same quality and brands at a reduced and more affordable rate. That's what makes our company the best! 

Do beware that there are companies selling waist trainers from China which do not produce the same results. Please do your research on the company itself and feedback to determine if you would purchase with them.